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Gas Lava Stone Vertical Doner Kebab Cooker Bottom Motor

- Gas Consumption Value: Natural Gas: 22.5 Kw 20mBar G20


* 3 Burners

* LPG: 1.77KG/h Detentor (0-8kg/h) 30 mBar G30/31

Electricity: 26w 220v 50 Hz 2 Rpm (we have a motor option for countries working with 110 volts)

- Dimensions:

* Cooker Dimension: 35x45xh:100 cm

* Tray Size: 85x65xh: 20 cm

- Material: Stainless Chrome 304/430

- Doner Cooking Capacity: 80 Kg

* Conforms to CE Certified European Standards

* Automatic Bottom Motor

* Can Be Used With Gas Reinforced Coal and Wood

The Cooker Section Can Move Back and forth.

Charcoal Shawarma Machine With Gas Propan

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