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Robot Doner Machine


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Features of Compact Series Rotary Robots;

Power: 120W - 400W

Dimensions: 92x72xh:98 cm

Packed weight(kg): 170

Volume (m³): 0.90

NG G20 20 mbar

Heat Amount (KW) 9.60

Gas Consumption: 1,016 m3/h

Gas Inlet: R 1/2"

Net Weight : (kg) 150

Meat capacity : ( Ø ) - Ø450 mm

Capacity : (h / kg) 800 / 90 kg

1- Hygienic and untouched cutting

2- NG and LPG gas options

3. Ability to cut the desired thickness and continuous meat

4- Can work 24 hours non-stop.

5- The last remaining Doner amount is the minimum size that can be cut.

6- Doner lower section has isn't wasted cutting feature.

7- Can cut doner kebap in desired thickness and continuously

8- Continuous cutting without waiting ensures optimum energy and time savings.

9- Patented surfaces tracking tools which maintain perfect cutting.

10- Patented skewer control mechaniysm that maintain zero mistake for turning and is has also manual rotate ability.

11- Thanks to special Software algorithm, fixed geometry of cut surfaces and zero burned product can be provided.

12- Smart Software enables easy operation, minimum intervention and special solutions to meet the needs.

13- Thanks to high hardness knives, extra sharpening is not needed during the day.

14- Sharpening machine, knives are sharpened at the end of each sharpening as in the factory's

initial settings..

Extra features that can be added;

1- Wide cut, narrow cut can be controlled in one program,

2- Control Panel can be placed in the desired area according to project.


Güç: 120W - 400W

Ölçüler : 92x72xh:98 cm

Paketli ağırlığı(kg):170

Hacim (m³): 0,90

NGG20 20 mbar

Isı Miktarı (KW) 9,60

Gaz Sarfiyatı: 1,016 m3/h

Gaz Girişi: R 1/2"

Net Ağırlık : (kg)150

Et kapasite : ( Ø )- Ø450 mm

Kapasite : (h / kg)800 / 90 kg

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Robot Shawarma Doner Machine

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