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Natural gas & lava stone grill General features of this barbecue are; It has the capacity to cook all the kebabs which you can cook in a coal fire.

Fish, Steak, Meatballs, Adana and Shish kebabs you can cook all of it and more.

The Measurements of This Barbecue is 150 cm in Length, 65 cm in Width, 45 cm in Height.

Height and depth are fixed, Although we can make a custom size (in length) that suits you.

1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 meters or longer.

Our products also comply with European standards and have CE certificates.

Our product consists of two cooking zones and you can adjust the temperature to the desired setting.

For example, when you cook Adana or Shish Kebab type meats you will have 1.5 cm space. However, if the job needs to be faster or slower we got 3 types of adjustment.

To be Able to cook Adana or Shish Kebab Types you have to keep the tempature high.

In this section, While cooking Steak, Fish, Chicken, Meatballs type of meat, you will need to keep the temp in a modarate setting, should be done so that your meat does not burn.

The material is made of Stainless Steel.

These grilles are high fire resistant Cast Grids.

These lava stones are durable form many years because the meats oil does not drop on them.

The Lava Stones also make meats softer, while at the same time they filter the carcinogenic substance and smell of the gas and give it a taste like cooked in a coal fire.

These grills do not drain down the fat of the meat cooked, however the fat of the meat flows 

This grilles are patented to us and designed by us,

The most important feature is to prevent the flames from flowing oil.

Our apparatus on the grill is used to cook meat such as shish kebab and adana.

The grille under gets extremely hot, our other apparatus is so you can cook in a comfortable way.

Natural Gas and Lava Stone Grill Barbecue Arican Grill

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