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Introduction Gas and Lava Stone Grill

Dimensions: 175x90xh:210 cm

Copper Covering

Heat resistant glass is used on the outer surface

Stainless steel bench and grill

We produce the best gas barbecues for your restaurant.

You can cook any kebab you want on this grill. can be produced in desired dimensions.

If you want, you can also burn coal, you can use it both with gas and coal.

Flowing oils will be emptied into the oil reservoir.

Thanks to its special corrugated grid and your kebabs will not flare up.

The products have ce certificate.

2 years warranty.

As Arican Grills, we have been producing durable, useful and practical barbecues for professional users for nearly 40 years.

It has a reservoir under which you can fill water and will allow you to cook softer kebabs thanks to the water vapor.

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Industrial Gas and Lava Grill Copper Kitchen Hood with Glass and Bench

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