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-Equipped with St 37 dkp metal sheet also 1.2 mm thickness on the whole surface.
-High fire resistant rockwool between all layers.
-Fire resistant special copper paint coating on whole surface.
-Message Us for doner kebab cooking capacity.
-Equipped 3 mm thick fire bricks in grill and doner kebab section.
-Doner Kebab Mechanism, Meat tray and Doner skewers made of stainless steel!



-The Horizontal Doner Kebab or Cag Kebab Machine
-80-90 kg doner shawarma cooking capacity.
-Optional Gear Mechanism (Automatic or Manual)
-Gear Mechanism System
-Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance
-This machine fuel: Optional



Width: 80cm
Length: Optional cm
Height: 210cm



Horizontal Doner Kebab Machine

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