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Copper Gas and Lava Stone and Charcoal Grill Kitchen Hood and Bench

Bakır Gazlı Lav Taşlı ve Kömürlü Izgara Kebap Ocağı Davlumbaz ve Tezgahi ile Birlikte

- In Coal Fire Flavor

- 125x90xh:210cm

- Special Grill Design (kebab don't catch fire)

- You Can Cook All Kebabs, Including Adana Kebab, Shish Kebabs

-You can burn it with coal if you want

-There is a water tank underneath to put water in.

- Complete Stainless Steel

- 2 Years Warranty

- Shipping to All Europe in 10 Days

- LPG, Propane or Natural Gas

- CE Certified

- Equal Temperature on the Whole Surface

Gas and Lava Stone Copper Grill with Glass and Kitchen Hood

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