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New Generation Fan Heater Fireplace

🔥 Thanks to the fan behind it, the heat of the fire is used to heat the environment and you can heat more areas with less fuel...

🔥700 degree fire resistant ceramic fireplace glass is used...

🔥There is a reservoir under the ashtray that you can use to cook or heat food...

🔥Fan Fireplace Ambient Heater Stove

🔥It is suitable for areas of maximum 200 m2.

🔥Usage areas: Restaurants, Cafes, Greenhouses, Workshops, Your Detached Houses, Offices etc.

🔥You can light a wood fire.

🔥Ceramic fireplace glasses resistant to 700 degrees temperature are used.

The wood fire burning from the bottom heats the chamber above it and sends the heat to the environment thanks to the fan behind it, so you can fully benefit from the warmth of the wood fire burning inside.

✔️Fan motor: 34W / 1.300RPM / 0.87A / 220V

✔️Dimensions: 52x52xh:120 cm

✔️Weight : 110 kg



✔️Possibility of shipping to all Europe within 10 days.

Fan Fireplace Wood Fire Stove

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