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This horizontal shawarma doner machine

Horizontal doner is (the other name is Cag Kebab) a traditional food which belongs to Erzurum Province in Turkey. It is stacked marinated lamb meat and roasting horizontally on fire. The towns of Tortum and Oltu in the said province and Yusufeli town are neighboring to Artvin. Artvin is the origin of this kind of dish. These dishes can be called under different name depending on the origins of the Chef, “Oltu Kebab” or “Tortum Kebab”

Charcoal or Wood Fire Horizontal Shawarma Machine

SKU: 366615376135191
  • The dimension:

    80 X 100 X h:200 cm

    Type of material:

    Copper looking dkp black sheet

    The mechanisms are made of stainless steel


    Our all shawarma machines is isolated with rock wool

    Outer coating: 

    Heat resistant paint coating


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