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Automatic Gas and Lava Stone Roasted Lamb Machine

Otomatik Gazlı Lav Taşlı Kuzu Çevirme Makinesi

- Dimensions : 175x90xh:230 cm

- Cooking Time : 3 - 3.5 Hours

- Automatic Turning 220v 45w 3.5 RPM

- Natural Gas or Lpg (45 Kw)

- In it, both gas and wood can be burned at the same time

- Copper Covering

- Wood Skewers

- Triple

- Double Chimney Ventilation System

- 3 Lambs are cooked at the same time

If you want you can write from whatsapp for more information

Automatic Roasted Lamb or Chicken Machine Gas and Lava Stone and Wood Fire

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