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Do you want to cook doner in the taste of barbecue?

You don't need coal for this!!!a different flavor and a different concept thanks to lava stones...

Automatic Gas&Lava Stone Doner Machines(Double)

Doner machines dimensions:50x50xh100 cm

Tray: 125x80xh:25 cm

Total Weight: 260 kg

- Capacity: 110 kg Doner

- Copper

- Automatic

- Double Machines- Engine : 220V(or110v for usa)25W/0.12A

- Gas : Natural gas/22.5 Kw and Burner System (not radian)

- Stainless steel 304 Tray

- Material: Stainless steel and Copper Sheet, fire bricks and rock wool were used inside.

- Doner machine can move back and forth

- Skewer fixed

- Lava stone gives meat a barbecuing charcoal flavor

Automatic Gas & Lava Stone Doner Shawarma Kebab Machines Double

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