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New Generation Gas and Lava Stone Doner Machine

Hybrid Wood Gas Charcoal Burners Doner Machine

- It can also be used with gas and lava stone or gas and coal, wood fire

- Softer ember flavor kebab

- Automatic Turning system Bottom Motor

- 4 Section burner system

- Stainless

- 2 Years Warranty

- Dimensions: 45x75xh:125 cm

- Weight : 115 kg

- Engine : 220v 26W 2rpm (We have a special 110v engine option for USA and Canada

- Material: Stone wool resistant to 900 degrees heat and fire bricks are used between 304 stainless steel sheet.

In this way, it is a durable stove that can be used for a very long time.

#shawarma #steak #Restaurant

4 Burner Shawarma Doner Grills Gas and Lava Stone (Charcoal&Wood Fire)

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